5 Steps To Get Your Garage Back With Clearwater Junk Removal

by | Sep 9, 2022 | Home Improvement

The garage is the messiest room in the home for 50% of Americans, making it pride and shame. Sure, you love having it to park your car or play with your toys in. But if you’re like most families, the garage becomes the catch-all that accepts the clutter from most of the family. Sports equipment, recycling, tools, and more end up all over the place, and half of it is stuff you don’t want in there anyway.

It may feel overwhelming, but if you’re looking for junk removal in Clearwater, following a few straightforward steps to get your garage back on track.

Step 1- Sort

We can hear you groaning, but this is still a necessary step. You can’t declutter and organize your garage without figuring out what’s in there, what shouldn’t be there, and where it should be. If the weather allows, this is a great time to take everything out of the garage and sort it into piles.

You can do this in order of use (always use, occasionally use, never use, and why the **** is that in here?), categories (fishing, car maintenance, home maintenance, things you’re not sure the use for), or your own home brew method. Once items are sorted, you can purge.

Step 2- The Purge

Here’s where we get rid of things you don’t need. These can be the things in the “Never Use” pile (or the “why the **** is that in here?” pile) or things that are blatantly broken. If you have a pile of things that are broken, those are also an excellent addition to the “throw out” group. Sometimes we stash a broken fridge or appliance in our garage, so it’s out of the way. If removing it is too big a task, call our Clearwater Junk Removal company to do it for you.

Step 3- Plan

Now that we have a final cast of items that will live in the garage, you need to figure out where they’ll go. Consider what system will work best for you and your family. For example, you can use labeled bins and storage containers for small items, keeping them contained and easier to get around.

Step 4- Put Everything In Its Place

Now that you’ve got a plan, it’s time to start implementing it. As you’re putting things away, imagine yourself needing them later and looking for them. Will it be easy to access it? Could it go in a better spot? Is there enough room in the garage, or do you need to purge a little bit more? If the answer to the last question is yes, don’t be afraid to return to step 2 as often as necessary to make enough room to quickly get around in your garage.

Step 5- Maintain the Status Quo and Repeat as Needed

We stressed coming up with a plan and implementation that worked for your family because that will make maintaining the new organization easier. Of course, it’s only natural that it’ll get disorganized again, but hopefully, your new organization system will make it more easy to bounce back from.

Let Us Give You Your Garage Back

Clearing junk out of your garage can be a big job, and sometimes you need help. If following these steps gets you closer to a clean garage, but you still have clutter around your ears, reach out to professional Clearwater junk removers to make the job easier. Contact us here to see exactly how we can help you unclutter your garage.

Not Your Average Dump

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